Best Places to Visit When Living the Van Life


Van lifers range in age from twenty-somethings to families with small children, mid-lifers, and retirees. Despite the sketches about “living in a van down by the river,” hip millennials are the van life movement’s leaders.

Many van dwellers are self-employed or work from home. Some van lifers instead work seasonal jobs, earning enough money during peak seasons to live on for the rest of the year.

So, you’ve decided which and best places to visit are ready to embark on your new van life. Not so fast. We’ll not let you leave until you’ve mastered the fundamentals of doing it well, mainly staying online for work and fun while in the van.

Continue reading to find out everything necessary to know about the various best places to visit when living the van life and how to get started.

New Zealand

New Zealand received high marks for its natural beauty, air quality, and pleasant weather. It was one of only a few countries to receive a “5” for happiness. When you visit New Zealand, see some of the most beautiful Kiwi beaches on both the North and South Islands.

New Hampshire White Mountain National Forest

New Hampshire is ideal for van life if you want scenic drives, quaint towns, and lush forests. Take the Kancamagus Scenic Byway to White Mountain National Forest and spend the morning relaxing by a stream or hiking to Diana’s Bath waterfalls. In addition, there are several campgrounds and dispersed camping options best hiking trails available here.

Van Life in Germany

The Germans are some of the world’s great travelers, so it should come as no surprise when it comes to travel destinations; they are experts. 

The German countryside is dotted with historical places and natural wonders like something out of a fairytale. Germany is a fascinating place and perfect for the self-guided adventure of van travel. 


Mongolia is at the top of our list of places to visit by van in 2023. Lonely roads wind through the endless expanse of the Mongolian steppe, transporting travelers across the land of bright sky.

Once the world’s largest empire, Mongolia is now one of the world’s least densely populated countries. It is also the land of the digital nomad, so van travel is an excellent option.


Colombia was designed to be traveled by van from the Caribbean beaches to the coffee plantations in the Andes foothills. Colombia, a large country with an incredible amount to see and do, will keep van lifers busy.


Argentina is another South American country that is ideal for exploring by car. Argentina is a large country with many different life experiences. There is so much to visit and do here that having your transport services is the best way to explore.

Best Van Life Destinations

Van life dwellers are attempting to break free from the constraints that modern society appears to have imposed on them. So, if you think you have to be old or wealthy to enjoy life on the road, reconsider living the van life. There’s something liberating about the trend and rejecting the life everyone else suggests you should live.

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